The Bean Barn

The springtime self-serve bean barn was once again a hit this year. For those who like to amend gardens in the fall when preparing for winter, just give Michele a call to make arrangements. In addition, smaller 1lb (recycled coffee) bags of ground soil amendment for houseplants can be purchased in the Gift Shop during Open Farm Days and the Holiday Hop.

If you need garden manure, please give us a call and we will make arrangements (269-823-4643).

Alpaca manure is a wonderful soil additive that can be used right from the bag. CanDo Acres offers a self-serve station in spring with easy-to-handle bagged alpaca manure (also called "beans") for your garden beds, yards, or plants. 

Those interested in purchasing larger amounts of manure (truck or trailer) are encouraged to contact us for an appointment. 

Analysis of nutrient content can be provided.