packaged duck eggs.jpg

Calling all bakers...and lovers of duck eggs. Here at CanDo Acres we raise Indian Runner ducks. Their primary purpose is to keep our alpaca herds safe from meninga worm, a parasitic condition that can paralyze or even kill our camelids. The ducks do this by foraging in the pastures during their days of free-ranging and eating the bugs that carry the disease.

This free ranging has an added benefit of producing some of the best-tasting farm fresh eggs! Duck eggs are slightly larger than extra large chicken eggs and their greater yolk to whites ratio makes them fantastic for baking. Some folks who are allergic to chicken eggs have been able to eat duck eggs. Here at CanDo Acres, we have been eating and cooking with duck eggs just like we would chicken eggs. If you are interested in purchasing duck eggs, let us know! We can arrange delivery within a limited area.

momma and baby ducks in pen.jpg