News from CanDo Acres

2019 (February)

Our Canadian friends may be laughing a bit about our “polar vortex” event last week as it is not that uncommon to them, but, wow, it sure made 15 degrees (above zero) feel pretty balmy! We kept the animals closed up in shelter and steadily eating to keep warm and all of them did just fine.

Now we are in the middle of a construction zone in the main house as we create a bigger retreat space. When this last phase is done we will post pictures and provide updated information about classes, retreat events, and lodging options. Our goal is to open the expansion right after shearing day (so early in May). We don’t host many visitors on shearing day in order to keep the animals calm and because the shearers often lodge at our place as they work in the SW Michigan area.

Our first two workshops in 2019 were fun and relaxing with Suzanne Roche, our guide and instructor, leading us in yoga and meditation. This reflection time was followed by time to focus on a creative project, such as wet felting. We hope all of our guests feel welcome and comfortable in our home. We are grateful to those who have spent time on our farm.

More to come…


A couple of updates that we are pretty excited about...

First, we are pleased to offer a dedicated craft supply area in our shop "The Roost" with bags of fiber for needle and wet felting, yarn, and other craft kits. Play with our alpaca and sheep wool to explore your creative side! 

Next, we now have lodging on the farm!  CanDo acres provides restful spaces and comfortable work areas for small to medium groups.  Check out the Lodging at CanDo Acres link in the menu to the left for details.  As always, feel free to call 269/823-4644 or email at for more information. 

They're here, they're here! Our animal family has grown again. We have added an 8 year old miniature donkey, Patrick, to help Hodie protect the herds and give her equine companionship.

We also have 2 beautiful Nigerian Dwarf goats, Betty and Veronica! Come see them during Open Farm Days, the Holiday Hop or call to make arrangements for a friend's and family retreat or for lodging while visiting southwest Michigan.


We welcomed a new critter to the farm in February - a donkey named Hodie! She is very sweet and smart and is quickly getting us all trained to give her treats whenever we walk by her pasture.  She will have a job as a guard animal here on the farm as soon as she is healthy and ready to go. Our plan is to have her in with the female alpacas to provide protection, as donkeys tend to chase out any unwanted animal visitors.  

Meet our new donkey Hodie!


This year's fiber has been harvested and processed. We're excited by the quality and combinations from raw to roving to yarn to finished products. We also have this year's socks and insoles--always a favorite. A new product line is being added as we're pleased to be offering alpaca-themed wallets and bags made by a company that we really respect for their environmentally conscious practices and mission.

Our two newest alpaca--Sterling and Asher are doing quite well. Their fleece is a gorgeous color and their playful antics keep us (if not the other alpacas) amused.

The Indian Runner ducks have been a hit. We had no new cases of M-worm in the alpaca (the primary reason we got them--to forage on the insects and slugs that carry the parasite). They began laying eggs this month and we look forward to offering them to those who relish their unique properties (especially for baking) as much as we do. Feel free to contact us and we can arrange a pick-up.

To all of our knitters and crocheters--the summer open farm community project (crocheting and knitting fiber squares) successfully raised money for two local charities: Eleanor's Pantry and Animals Best Friend Fund! We will be doing this again so stay-tuned and follow us on Facebook.